The End

Well, the end is finally here. After two years of heading down the path to divorce, it is finally actually here. 12/17 I will be officially divorced from the man I love, the man who looks at me with icy eyes and is annoyed that this is very emotional and difficult for me. I don't know what is harder; knowing he doesn't love me now, or admitting he probably never did. As I feared, living in a small town is torture when this happens. Knowing all of the women trying to lure him in. I can't go to church because two of them are in the congregation. If I go to a school function for the kids, there they are, following him around. If I could move I would, but that is not an option right now. I go to work and function where I need to. No one even realized I was getting divorced, so I must be maintaining my composure. None of my family understands, none have been divorced. I just don't know how to cope. I have always been the strong one, I just don't want to be anymore.
kjjmrasse kjjmrasse
Dec 16, 2012