Boyfriend Cheated On Me.

my boyfriend before flirted with another girl. my friend did it for me and told me every thing he said. and that hurt. but i forgave him and gave him another chance. now my friend said that that was already his 2nd chance. and so by the next we should break up but i don't remember. now yesterday he tells me he was "forced" to play spin the bottle and kiss a girl but them apparently him friends wanted him to kiss longer so he make out with a girl. full on make out. i'm so mad at him and i don't know if i should give him another chance. what should i do? but he's my whole life so i dont' know how easy it is to just leave him.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Omg, forced? That's complete bull crap. He could've easily said, I have a girlfriend. So I'll just watch y'all play. You need to leave him. & try to move on. Maybe in the future you guys could get back together. He will try to get you back if he really cares. & when he does. Say, "when you become a man. Because I need a man, NOT a stupid boy that cant say no to spin the bottle. Duces."

Dear, you need to think about which is more important to you in this relationship: love or trust. You can't trust him, do you love him enough to stay anyway? I personally couldn't stay with someone who has broken my trust... I'm going through that right now. Breaking my trust broke my heart. And I can't trust her to let her have it anymore, even though I still love her very much.
If you are strong enough to forgive him and know that this will happen again, and you love him enough to know you're going to need to forgive him again... maybe later, maybe soon, maybe there's already something else already waiting for you to need to forgive... then go ahead. Me... no, I wouldn't. I will never do it, and I will never tolerate it.

thanks...really helps