You Only Appreciate What You Had When It's Gone

When they're gone, every little thing in the world reminds you of them, a song, a place, a smell.

They're the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last thought that goes through your head before you sleep.

Even then they run through your dreams, when you think everything is better, that they're back and this time they're never going to leave. You feel warm inside. Then you wake up and it's the loneliest feeling in the world.

That hurt, the pain you get in your chest, when you realise it was your imagination, you feel dead inside, as if someone has sucked your soul out, or cut through half of your body.

When you go out for the first time after the long days of crying, no matter how many people you're with, or how many people are talking to you, you feel lonely, you feel like you shouldn't be there, that you don't belong without the person you love.

When your mind is on a completely different subject, suddenly you can smell their scent on you, hear them whisper ''I love you'' in your ear, hear footsteps walking towards you.. but it's just every little stitch in your body re-creating everything that was once right in your life.

You blame yourself, even if you did nothing wrong, you ask yourself the same questions, ''why?'', ''how?'', ''what did I do to deserve this?'', ''what's wrong with me?''.

You know someday, you will be happy again. Love is temporary, True love will last forever and someday you will find that, we all will! It's just the darkness within holding you down for now, but the light will shine through, we will all be happy again.
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no doubt on this,,,,,,,

this is so true..

very true.... but the loneliest thing is when you find that on great true love
and you lost it.... i don't know if you can ever be find another love or have
the courage to love again...

its as if you're echoing my own words....which of course you're not! :P
just marveling the fact that others feel the same way too. cool.
and nice piece of writing ^_^

Hehe thanks:)

wow that was lovely and its exactly how i am feeling i lost my boyfriend the 3rd of december this year he took his own life because he couldn't live without his nan who he had cared for and lived with for the past 7 years and she had recently passed away. the pain was too much for him to bare and it seems he couldn't live with it no matter what help was offered. I feel every word you put down and it means something to me.

Thank you so much, means a lot, hope you're okay:)

Excellent writing. I'd say you've got yourself quite a bit of talent here.

Woah, thank you!:)

beautiful piece of writing hun <3

Thank you, means a lot!:) &lt;3

thank you so much for sharing your story. Yes, it true they maybeappreciated and remembered when they're gone

Thank you, ''Xenasdreams'', it just came straight from the heart! :) I hope you will feel better soon. :)