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Well I met a guy on here, I am pregnant due to rape but he saw past that. We started going out ect I fell in love with him. I only trust a few people because of what has happened to me and he was one of them.. Then because I havent spoken to him in a few days because of personal problems at home he leaves me for some girl without telling me first. So I came on here today just to see him when he tells me about him stabbing himself and his new girlfriend being there for him. How was I supposed to know if I wasn't online? So yeah to say I have a broken heart add that to a broken life and tearful eyes. This is too much stress for my babies.
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Everything will be alright in the end .if its not alright now then its not the end yet . Stay safe x

lol se alu sece e veli le MTV lmao

Crazy dont let it get u down ;)

It's a crazy world out there filled with many selfish people! Don't let these horrible things define who you are...because they don't!

Things will be better with a baby on the way your going to have to be self reliante and thats not a bad thing its a good thing cuz you get to find see ppl for who they are before you get involed

Things will get better...don't lose hope...

Oh im so sorry. Idk if it will help but if you want please message me if you want to talk about it and everything. I hope youre holding strong through this.

Uh oh, somebody call MTV.

My heart aches for you. He had no right and should of known that from the start! I'm sorry :(

Reading ur story really makes my heart ache, you have a long and tough road ahead of u, but the fact that u are still alive and want the babies should show u how strong u are, and believe me, u still dont know how strong u can be! in this process u will realize who u really are, and discover things about urself that u never thought were possible. u are a beautifull woman, u do have a broken heart, and a broken spirit, but give urself time to heal... talk to some one in person, its not the best idea to fall inlove with a guy over the net, and if he really wanted to commit to u, he wouldnt have done that, i am not saying he is bad guy, i am just saying he isnt the guy for u. u are a lovely person, please do one thing every morning u wake up, and look in the mirror, smile at urself, even a fake smile, doesnt matter how bad or sad u feel, it will make u feel better, even if it is only a little better, eventually u will see how easy it will become to smile again. hope all the best for you.

Your story makes me feel sad, and I think I know how your feeling because I ever have the same problem like you, so I think we can share each other and I will listen. I hope we can become a friend and I hope everything gonna be okay for you and the babies...

Soon, you will be with your babies and this will become history.

Frozen light,

It seems to me this is a post to just vent your stress. Are you asking for advice in this post somewhere that I'm just not seeing? I'm also sorry for your misfortune of being a rape victim. Do you intend on keeping the child? Also, you said babies at the end, you have a child prior to this pregnancy? I would love to help if there's something I can do. Just having a person to listen to you can make a world of a difference. Best wishes to you.

I said babies because it's triplets.

can I adopt one

wow that sucks the child who did that should burn in hell

That's a little harsh.

it is im sorry but thats awful

It's life.

watch it!!!! u dnt know me,so dont go saying retarded ****!!!! i can kill you without even being there,i'll swuash you like a catapillar!!!

i aint scared

Stop it!

well good for you......

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i know u wouldnt know anything if u aren't online! thats......ugh nevermind!!!



Don't Sophie me!


Stop acting like it's my fault.

its noones fault it was a missunderstanding.....

How the **** is this a misunderstanding?! How is breaking up with me a misunderstanding?!?!

stop cursing,i thought wrong......and now this,poof! bullshit.

Stop telling me what to do.


You don't own me.

im not that type of guy n u know that....u make me look bad...

Well you are being bad. You went behind my back, you started going out with her before telling me we were over.

I COULDN'T TELL YOU!! YOU WERENT ONLINE!! ugh! dammit-to screaming ****!!!

You could have left a message, or I don't know waited until I came back online before going out with her.

..........who knows if u would have came back!!!!

Yeah well I did. I was only offline for how long? Two days!

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