Dear Heartbroken People;

I know a girl who was in love, planned to get married to a guy who was leaving for the military, right before boot camp she found out he cheated on her... She felt betrayed and devastated. She was a good girl who loved and was devoted....

Another girl was a sweet loving woman ready to get married and sacrifice everything for her man. She was funny, beautiful smart. and always tried to make things work till the bitter end when he left her... He left her because he was young and just turned 21... he wanted to go clubbing and date other women...
he never knew how much he meant to her.

I also know a single mother, with one girl, who was waiting to find the right guy. Each time she would date someone he would be nice to her but never father material. Always going out and having someone watch her daughter as she tried to find something to help her loneliness...

I know a guy who dating around looking for the next prey... either falling fast or getting laid and running away, not sure what he was looking for but loved the initial romance but skipped out before it got in too deep. He never realized how lonely he was till he started getting old and the type of people who would date him were not the same...

What do they all have in common now? They are all happily married with kids now..

I know alot of you out there can relate, you are lonely, hurt, you think the last ex was your last chance at love... Some of you never found love...

But each time you breakup with someone, you are getting closer to finding the right person. Look at one ex, write down the good and bad, and then look for the next person to have some of the same good traits that you are looking for and less of the bad.

Don't fear being alone, you can't be happy until you are content with yourself and being alone.

Don't fear dating, because its fun, you meet new people you have good times regardless of the outcome. You have hope.

So go out there, mingle, look for new things. Remember the past, but never dwell.

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20 Responses Jan 3, 2013

I'm pretty sure this is just fictitious. Nice try though.

this was needed. thank you :)


Thanks for the positive outlook!

This is exactly what I am doing right now. Staying single and working on myself. Although sometimes its hard, but I think between work, taking workshops and classes here and there, I started to love being alone again.

I can only hope what the future holds for me and still try to keep going.

Thank-you for your wonderful post. <3

A good reminder for myself :)

I love your true and refreshing outlook. Thank you!

U should read my story too :(
I also deeply truely loved an old man

I think this is an amazing story.

Thanks so much for this

it was nice reading have a way with words :)

Hey Buddy that's a good read !
A great book on picking a good relationship person is called " Safe People "
by Dr'.s Henry Cloud & John Townsend
You can learn about all of the red flags in people so as to know who to say yes and no to.

i guess i can relate to this....

So well written. Thanks for sharing - something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

Great inspiration for those who have been involved in deceit. Very cool of you to share this with the forum :)

i know them all.and avoid bumping in to the same loser again.he is the same guy.dont forget tat.

It is great being a girl. You just have to go out and advertise a little and someone will bite eventually. Sadly as a man, while I sit at the bar alone. I do not appear as anything more than a loser, creep, target. However, it is a wonderful story for all those hot lonely girls.

wow...nicely done...from a single mom....thanks.

You seem to have your ducks in a row...I like the part about dont be afraid of being alone,so important cause some peeps are together out of lonelyness and its not so good ya know

I have just had my heartbroken. A man I changed my whole life for said I no longer make him happy. We got married just a short year and a half ago and I put my whole heart into our marriage and he did very little. I can't understand how someone can be that way. He was raising my daughter with me and said he'd always be there. But when it got to hard he up and bailed. No warning just one day said hey im done. On new years, when my aunt had died, when my daughter was horrible ill and I needed him im angry, and confused and I feel so dumb for having believed his lies, for sacrificing all for a man who couldn't give me the time of day... im done with love, I don't trust it. It has only gotten me hurt...