I’m addicted to you I’m addicted to the leap my heart does when I hear your name I’m addicted to your hugs The bad things about addictions, When they put you up on a cloud, You always fall, You always crash. When I crash, I crash hard. You make me so happy, And only you can make me so sad. I never fail to answer you. I want to believe it will change But I’m stuck in a cycle And I don’t know my way out. Your smile is intoxicating Leaving me wanting more You seem to be okay with that Letting me be the hopelessly sad girl. Why is there always someone better than me? Am I not pretty enough? Smart enough? Too smart? I’m still addicted to you. Fooling myself into a light at the end of the tunnel. Grappling hopelessly at the thought you might choose me. But this isn’t a fairy tale. I should just go.
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I'm going through that right now myself. I've spent the past six months in love with a wonderful woman that dosen't feel anything for me other than just a friend. This is my first time being in love and the first time having my heart broken and it is absolutely miserable!

same what i am feeling now.. stucked!

Stay strong i feel the same exact way

This a cool stoiry