A Heart Wrung Dry

I think the best way to explain my story would be to explain our last day together. Our relationship was strained. We had both just finished the fall semester at college and finals wrought havoc on our nerves so we were both stressed. It seemed a good idea to go out for a nice lunch on a beautiful saturday, so we did just that. It was amazing. I felt as if nothing was wrong in the world. We went home after lunch and had great sex to help iron out the rest of our residual frustrations, and even that was fantastic we both agreed. While i was lying there, she asked for her phone. I handed it to her and noticed that the text was from a coleague, and upon one further glance over her shoulder, I read how he wanted to hold her tight and wake up next to her because he missed that... Long story short, I am now alone. I have no friends that are still here, and no support group. Just myself. The real questions i have are "Why me?" and "What now?" Ive been cheated on in more than 80 percent of my relationships and im starting to think that its something that I'm doing wrong.. Maybe im somehow undesirable. Maybe I like the wrong type of woman... I have good grades, full time work and full time college, i even make the deans list... and i had set aside every weekend for her, so why me? Three years of my life were essentially wasted in learning the same lesson ive already learned over and over. I have only myself
Hapless20 Hapless20
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Story of my life as well man..You're not the only one, someday we'll find someone that is more afraid to lose us than we are to lose them. Until then just have fun, sucks tho that she practically wasted those 3 years.