Dreaming Of Storms

There is no feeling like that moment. When you know there is no going back. When you know the decision you’ve made, is to be the person who you’ve become. There is no greater understanding of yourself, when you accept the wrongs you’ve received, the wrongs you’ve made, the wrongs you’ve shared. I’ve spent so many years of my life, wanting you, in my life. I need to go through so many more, to know you’re gone. In my dreams you’re there. You keep me sane. You keep me focused. But I know reality was so different. Winter has finally come to me and the storms that I see and feel, have become a part of me. So forgive me. Forgive me for wanting to love you forever. Forgive me for wanting to never wake up. Forgive me for not being the dream, a dream, your dream. Forgive me for my way of dealing with this, perhaps in the arms of another. And I ask the other to forgive me too. I only seek a little peace. Somewhere my dream can go, and rest. And until then, let the storms come. Let them pass over and through me. Let them take over me. For with them, I know I’m awake and the dream will fade.

StormLight StormLight
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I read this 2 years ago and I had tears in my eyes. I still come back to your profile sometimes to read it and it still makes my eyes water . its tears in my eyesii reaf this 2 years ago

Sorry for the typo. my screenpad is malfunctioning. As I was saying, it's my story, you couldn't have written it better.