Love's Knocking--Should I Pretend No Ones Home?

"Gesh...The moment I get comfortable then someone comes a knocking.
Who is it?" I ask as I glance out the peep-hole. I squint my eye.
"Well I'll be...Romantic Love, is that you?" I crack the door without removing the chain. "I didn’t recognize you at first, you've been gone so long. You look so different. You've matured.
What's that? Hahahahah...oh, you say I've matured."

"Can you come in?" Sigh... "Well I'm a little nervous. You know how I get whenever you're around. I can't concentrate. I loose my appetite." I say, as I shake my head. "But it sure is worth it..." I whisper, as I remove the chain on the door. "Before you come in I have something to say,
I know I was a little hard on you the last time you were here, asking you to leave, then slamming my hearts doors. But you have to understand, it was our first meeting--I invested everything into you. Then...." sigh "Well you know how that ended." wiping the back of my neck. "Well I guess-you-can-come-in...but slowly...enter slowly. Don't knock anything over! I got everything just the way I like it." He enters slowly and stands.

"There’s not as much room here anymore. Nope. I filled this place up with work, hobbies and other distractions.To be honest since you left this place just hasn’t been the same. Thankfully....I've decided to do some renovating--getting rid of some of this crap. And now here you are--again.

Who is that—you ask?
Well that’s Complacent Care. He’s akin to Fear.
He doesn’t demand much, so I've let him hang around.
He’ll be leaving soon.He hates the renovation.
Who is that in the photo behind him, you ask?
Well don’t you recognize him? That’s Heartache.
You past him in the doorway as you were leaving the last time. He hung around for a while after you had gone,
that is until I prayed him out of here. I couldn't get a thing down while he was here." I walk up to the photo and stare. "Strangely, every time I look at his photo though, I’m reminded of a new lesson.
Oh don’t get me wrong he comes knocking on my doors every once in while, especially when he hears disappointment is in town.

Well enough small talk. I suppose you're wondering how you found your way back to my heart's doorstep. Come in and I'll tell you all about it... but first I have a surprise for you.

Come here! Follow me to the bottom of my heart.
Be careful of that last step there.

"Look!" I say excitedly. "Look who is here, our Father, Love. Better known as Christ. The essence of love. True Love. He's helping with the renovation." I smile. "I tell ya this Guy is so patient." I grab a seat on the floor next to where He's sitting. Then I look up at Romance. "You don’t look surprised.
Oh I get it, you figured out how you found your way back here. Well I'm glad you're back; this is going to be fun. You know I was beginning to think you only showed up in the hearts of young lovers; I see I was wrong.
Welcome back Eros."
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Very creative. Nice.

*hiding making absolutely no sound. Nobody knows im here!*