I Was Used As The "other Man" And Tossed Aside

on 1/7/13 I had my heart torn out of my chest and shown to me (Figuratively speaking).

I recently met a girl who I really liked, I thought she was beautiful and she was the one who actually pursued me. so I eventually asked her for her phone number, but when I did she turned me down because she had a boyfriend. I was immediately turned off because I didn't appreciate being led on. so I let it go. a week passed, and I saw her again. this time she asked me for my number and said that she was sorry that she turned me down before, but that she did because her boyfriend had actually been sitting nearby when I had asked, she explained that she was going to break up with him but felt bad for him because he would be homeless if she did, so I gave in and gave her my number. we texted non-stop for three days, with her actively pursuing me, and moving very fast. telling me that she wanted a relationship with me and that she hated the guy she was with , and I believed every word of it. on the third day she texted me and said she wanted to see me that night, so I threw a huge party as an excuse for us to get to know each other in a face to face setting. literally the whole night she had her tongue down my throat and said that she wanted to spend the night with me, so we did. we had passionate sex, and sat up and talked all night. before she left the next morning she said she was going home and was going to immediately break up with her boyfriend and be with me. hours passed, I didn't hear from her, the whole day went by and nothing. at three in the morning the next day I got an alert on facebook from a mutual friend who knew the whole story of what was going on, all the message said was "look at her status" and there was a link to her page. her status update at 2:45 am was a picture of her kissing her boyfriend with a heart over it... my heart felt like it had just been torn out of my body and my brain went numb, I was at a loss for words, I had fallen for this girl and she had played me. I tried to call her, I texted her and all she said was "I'm sorry, I ****** up, you didn't deserve this, it would probably be better if you moved on because i'm a ****** person." I was heartbroken and furious, all I wanted to do was put my fist through this guys head, actually I still want to. and I want to understand why someone would do this to another human being, why someone would enter someone else's life ad tell hem they want everything with them, and then smash their hope of there being anything, within 24 hours? I just don't understand and it infuriates me. 1/8/13
THR101 THR101
Jan 8, 2013