Never Experienced It That Bad

I think I am in a life crisis. I am in my finaly year of Uni ...doing a degree which I will have to pay off for the next years. I haven't had a boyfried since the end of 2008. I met a guy, last was horrible...he cheated and lied. I was kind of scared about men after that. I am very stressed because of Uni and family things. I moved away from home to study in another country and don't have family here...and all close friends graduated last year. To make the story short I met this guy in December...and he was like the one I always dreamed about . He was the one who talked to me. I coudn't blieve it. I was so happy, as I thought my wish finally became true. Everything went well for a while...then he suddenly just like that ignores me completely. The thing which hurts most is that he can't even make a proper end...but just decides to ignore me completely. It hurts so much hurts so much that I only want to sleep, I am not motivated to study and I feel so depressed. I can't stop crying.
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Jan 9, 2013