i was with this guy for 6 years i went into the hospital for almost a month in that time he cam to see me 6 times. i found out he started having an affair he was bringing her to our home and sleeping with her in our bed. i kicked him out about 9 months later he married her and one month later she kick him out and dumb *** me let him back in my home and he is online dating and now it face to face.i hate him for this pain how could someone be so cruel
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

i feel like the dumbest person on earth

eff him and you don't deserve him. kick him out again. Find someone new.

Sounds like you've found a narcissist, they are the cruelest people on this earth...I know was married to one...

Forgot to add that I'm sorry for your pain....hugs