My Recorded Thoughts From Months Past.

I miss you. Its my daily thought, my every waking thought. When I first met you. I fell in love. It was an involuntary action. You walked in and changed everything.
Do you think of me? When you lay in your bed? As I do. Do you think of the time we spent together, so short and yet timeless.
When we first kissed. Remember that feeling of being loved of truly loving.
Was I a fool to think it could last? Yes, but a hopeful fool.
I ache every second. This pain won’t go away. Unless you return, but you won’t that much I am sadly certain.
When I sleep, I dream of you. When I awake I love you, every second I love you. When I sleep I love you. I love you. Do you remember?
What are you doing? Right now, this moment. It’s 1.35. Are you awake?
I am. I can’t sleep cause I think of you.
When you came into my life I was but a shadow of my former self. Then you brightened me up and just as fast you took the light with you when you left. Now I’m just a wretch floundering in darkness and misery.
It pains me to say. Though I should say. I hope you find someone. Someone better. I hope you love, more than you loved me and I hope you’re happy again. It would make me happy again.
I love you.
NofaceMichael NofaceMichael
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I feel for you because I am feeling the same thing, thinking the same things....the part that you wrote that so painfully true "This pain won't go away. Unless you return, but you won't that much I am sadly certain." It just crushed me. I want to tell you're young and you'll go on and find someone even though it may happen I know you'll never forget her. hugs

I know, I've been told I'm young and I'll find someone. I also know I'll never be able to forget her. I wish I could, because it pains me to think of her.

This is me, i live and feel everything you have said, hurt beyond explanation,the light has been switched off inside, it cant get any worse so therfore it has to get better...