Dont No What To Do

i split with ma bf bout a month ago we lived together but now he wants nothing to do with me im back at home wich is hell my things r at his as i have no were to store them and he said they to be out asap i just dont no wot to do. i still love him but he says he hates me want nothing to do with me. i cant sleep and feel sick constant when i do sleep i wake crying and anxious when i try to i cry my self to sleep i cant go on feeling this way everthing reminds me off him i dont think i can get over this dont know what to do. going out drinking helps but ten times worse in morning , i cant function anymore .
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

i feel thesame way..I feel so lost and hopeless. Like a part of me is missing. i hate the feeling you get at night..right before bed when the lights are off. You just cant help but hurts so much..