A Broken Heart Has Left Me Hollow

It has been a long time since it's happened... well... at least it feels like a long time. Two years since it happened, and I haven't been the same. I've become harder, bitter, and unable to feel love.

I've been trying to tell myself that maybe it's just because I haven't yet found the right person, but it's becoming harder and harder to deny that no matter who I am with there is a hollowness in me that can't be filled. I still care, do what I can for those I care about and wish them to be happy. But that bond... the feeling of emotional intimacy and deep desire is absent. It's as if I've been scared, and nothing can again grow on it.

MisterWho MisterWho
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

It's SO hard to move on when you've poured your heart and soul into something... being in a relationship becomes part of a daily routine and it's kind of like a drug. It brings you joy and you want to feel more. But overtime, things might have changed and it might bring more hurt than joy. But, like a drug, even though it's not good for you, you keep going back to it, craving it and wanting it. No mater how much you know it's crushing your soul and making you a bitter & unhappy person, you're so used to it and want it so badly that you become SO afraid of what it would be like without it. Finally, when you can have no more of it...you PINE for it. It's AN AWFUL feeling. It leaves you empty and leaves you longing to find something else to hold on to.. something that gave you that kind of joy you once felt. But, no point chasing the high. You gotta let go and move on.. I'm still trying. I'm well aware it isn't good for me. I still cry EVERY single night. But I'm so miserable and I NEED TO MOVE ON... so do you.. because if we don't, our aura won't change and our energies will NOT attract new things. We can't be stuck in the past... we must move on. Change our aura and attract the GREAT things that we deserve.

MIne is very fresh but I can relate and I feel like I may be like that in years to come..hugs to you