My Boyfriend Gave Me An Sti

We've been together for two and a half years and hes currently stationed on a ship across the country. Ive always thought of our relationship as great we have wonderful communication and trust well atleast i thought so. Recently he came home for the holidays and of course we made love everyday he was here except 2 and on christmas eve i started to bleed and my period was late so automaticlly i thought i was pregnant. So i went to the doc they took blood and urine when the doc came in with the news i thought i heard wrong he said your not pregnant but you have chlamydia. My heart shatterd that instant so i went home and called him and told him and instead of him blowing up as someone would when there spouse tells them they have an sti knowing there the only one theyve been with and yet he was oddly calm hes the only person ive ever had sex with and he told me that i was the only one he's ever had unprotected sex with yet im burning so to speak then come to find out he doesnt have it. Before he got his result he kept saying im his only one im THE only one but im starting ti think different. Hes going on an 8 month deployment soon i dont want him to feel as though ive abandon him so im still with him. I Love him soooo much but im so confused as to what i should do someone please give me an honest opinion !!!!!
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Wow! The advise from Reilkoku has given you is the best. Now woman up and dump this loser. Love has got to be a two way street in a relationship/ not only on your part. His words say one thing and his actions say he is an ******* plain and simple. Love is = faithfulness- kind- honest- caring-trustworthy- loyal- truthful- it is a self sacrificial to the one you love- etc...
He does not have any of the above. You need to Wake Up and realise he is player and you got screwed royal. What would a Wise Woman do?