Stupidity. My Stupidity!

So, you know when you freaking like a guy/girl soo much that he's/she's always on your mind? you can't concentrate? Everything you do reminds you of him/her? Sometimes you feel them near you. Sometimes you start to remember the amazing times you had together. Sometimes you would do anything to hear his/her voice, to talk to him/her, to see his/her face.

How sometimes we try sooo much to not like the person? How much we try to convince others and ourselves that we can get over the person, that we don't like them?
People who have never felt this before might just say "Hey, you'll get over him/her," and smile at your face because they just don't know!

They don't know how it feels to see the person we like with someone else. To see them smiling so happily and it wasn't for you. They don't know how it feels to yearn for that smile to be yours. They don't know that by just looking at that person can make you smile all day until your cheeks burn.

But, then it hurts even more when the person we like is so close yet so far. How we have to act like nothing is happening because the person can't figure out himself/herself that you like him/her. How many times we have to make a fake smile in front of everybody and tell them you're okay when in reality you're hurting like hell. How you have to hold back those tears until your throat hurts and you know that you can't talk because of you do, you might just burst!

Yes well, that's exactly how I feel. I'm an idiot to have felt that way anyways. I brought this onto myself and heyy look at how that turned out for me!

Should I tell him how I feel? Should I risk our fabulous friendship just to tell him how I feel? Can I handle his rejection? Can I handle not being with him?

I love you HF. I truly do and I hate myself for loving you.
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Jan 12, 2013