Lost Love

I lost her..after seven and a half years. The love of my life..the girl I slept in the same bed with for so long that its just strange to wake up alone. Maybe I didn't love her enough or made enough money for her, I don't know. She came home from work one day and just told me it was over...seven years was over...engaged for the last couple years planing a wedding. When she left it felt like she took a piece of me with her..part that I can't seem to find. Its been a year to the date she left so I'm better now..dated here and there. Its funny when she left at the beginning of 2012 my life was turned upside down by bad news after bad news...she left me at a time I needed her most. Only one week before she left we talked about naming our kids( I said leonidus jokingly )..and other stuff about future...never once did I think that in one weeks time was she going to be gone...it hurt more when I was walking out of the door the last time when in asked her to be honest with me..was there someone else...she smiled at me and giggled a little and told me she was starting to like a co worker. That in that moment was an is the most pain I've ever felt..the girl I thought I was going to grow old with..have kids with...make love to...was gone. She knew I was leaving for the army..maybe that's why...maybe she just fell out of love with me. Maybe its stupid of me but I still love her with all my heart as the first time I saw her step off the plane and into my life . Though , I never want to see her again. I've moved on but still its hard to not remember the seven years together
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I feel your pain on reading your story. I wish you the best. I have been in a tumultuous relationship with my guy for the last 5 years and we just recently parted ways. Its not easy to see all those years slip away and the memories are truly haunting. Be strong and take your time to heal.

Yeah, even though it was a year ago it feels like yesterday. The hurt as painful now as it was when it happen. I've met someone but its gonna take me time to be open like that again....and I wished I knew about this site when it happen lol

i spent 5 years with a man, he was my treasure, my life my everything. He fell out of love and went away. He recently found another girl and that hurt really bad. rather than moving on i'm juts watching him walk away. thanks for sharing your story. wish you all the best to move on and live a happy life and find the true one deserving you. Have faith

Faith is hard for me to keep now a days but I try..I just always thought she was the one. I have not really looked for a serious relationships since..I guess I'm just to afraid to open up again.

Yeah, I'm trying it was hard for to date at first cause it felt like I was being unfaithful, as stupid as that sounds. Maybe it was just to early to date anyone. The horrible thing is that today I'm sick and I have to go threw seven years of pictures of her and I. I been that off way to long.

Yeah, family asked me for Xmas pics..I'm having trouble not finding holiday pics with out her in them .

Hello. I feel for you, truly i do. I also spent 7 years with a man i thought i would love forever. He pulled a midnight move. I woke to find him and his belongings gone. That was almost 2 years ago. I still see him because he says he wants me to still be in his life. I struggle everyday with this. Deep down I know it's not right and that i deserve better. You sound like a romantic person, someone else will gain from your loss. I wish the best for you and i.

Thank you. Honestly I'm keep trying to think what I did wrong..what I could do better. In the end it really doesn't matter I guess ..I love this girl, its been a year and I'm trying to move on. Seven years is just hard to forget. I thew the diamond ring in the field that day...wished I didn't .