Trying To Heal

It's been 3 months since my ex and I broke up. He is still on my mind from the moment I wake up to the moment before I fall asleep. We got into a heated argument before we broke up. To make a long story short: he didn't want me having male friends but he had female friends. He close his female friends over me. I helped him quit some bad habits that they hadn't helped him with. Yet in the end, he said we weren't healthy for each other. I asked if we could meet up and talk about our issue and he declined. This was around the time of the break up. He also called me a stalker. To have the one you love call you a stalker is just heart breaking in itself. After everything I helped him with, in the end he says we aren't healthy for each other. I've been trying to move on but can't. I blocked him from facebook but I still think about him. I wonder if he is thinking about me but it seems he has moved on while I am still sulking:(
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Thanks midnightmia. I don't know why I'm having a hard time moving on. I cry and have been sleeping more than usual. He said we weren't healthy for each other but I was a positive influence on him. I helped him quit smoking and other bad habits yet in the end, he chose his female friends over me. 3 days after we broke up, he added his females on fb but he kept telling me he didn't like me having guys on my fb account. It's hurtful. He called me controlling, manipulative, stalker and I know I'm not Any of these things.

He sounds like a self absorbed *****... it's NOT fair how he treated you. You need be HAPPY. You need to work on yourself and show him that you are FAR better off without him. A girl like you who loves and cares like you do to help him out- you can MUCH better. You deserve a man who treats you RIGHT.. who respects you and see your heart of gold and your giving, nurturing traits.. don't sulk or brood over him...he's not worth it. You WILL find someone who see you for the beautiful soul that you are. Chin up and find new things.. new love..NEW JOY!

Thanks for the post. Not sure if you read the one above.