How She Broke Up With Me!

Our mid term exams were going on. One guy in her coaching school proposed her. And then also she continued her friendship with him. It was a shock for me. Not because i am a posssessive guy. But because when one girl proposed me then she asked me to stay away from her and i did that although the girl who has proposed me was my best friend. What she wanted from me should apply on her also. I shouted at her for the same reason. And to make me jealous she broke up with me. And never came back. Whats my mistake. That i loved her more than my life. I did so much for her. Like when i left my state to go to other state for studying. Then she asked me to come back because she cant live without me. And i came back leaving all thing behind. And she left me for nothing.
hardluv hardluv
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013