What Do You Do When Someone Doesn't Want You Around Anymore

my partner of almost 6 years just doesn't want anything to do with me anymore
she said she does not want any problems
problem = me
problem is we still live together cause we rented the same place
it's hard to see her happy and moving on
and how easy she can pretend that she doesn't see me
like nothing happened between us
like we had no history.
it's harder to move on when we see each other every morning and every night
after work and we are not talking to each other
like every time i hear her move, the pain exponentiates.
i want to give up
alamona alamona
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

<p>Hi There</P><br />
<p>I know how you feel i was in a similar situation. Accept i was in a relationship but wasn't at the same time ( That kind of thing). This guy at work lied to me about being engaged <br />
(married now). Blames me for what happened and that i am at fault for getting hurt. Not even a genuien sorry. He will say i apologise than turn around do (e.g. try to run me over) and say horrible things to me (Pretends i am dead, even if he walks pass me). I am still receovering and it will take time. These things take time. </P><br />
<p>What you have to do is distract yourself, learn to love yourself again. Work on you. Do something you like, go out with friends, cry if you need to, start a diary etc.....It is only when you love yourself than you can love again. It will take time to see that its not your fault. Look at it this way. You's two are just not compatiable. Not that its all anyones fault. </P><br />
<p>As this qoute:<br />
"Once you learn how to be happy. You won't tolerate being around people that make you feel anything less"</P><br />
<p>See this as a second chance. How many people are in horrible relationships or in relationships where there is no feelings left. At least you out and have a better chance at something new and more wonderful.</P>