I Lost What I Admired The Most.

The reason I am writing this story, is because I am worried that I will forget it during the time. And also I always wanted to write it and even tried but unsuccessful. This story happened to me, it broke my heart and helped me to grow as a person. If someone told me this story, most probably I wouldn't believe in it. This might be a bit long, but I want to tell it a bit in details to draw the entire picture. I apologies for that.

Part 1. And then it happened.

It was summer 2008. At that moment I was 23 years old, fit and nice looking guy. My relatives were visiting me in my city. The days were warm and we often were walking in the city, eating outside. One day we were passing next to the building where I was working. We were already hungry and I suggested to go to the canteen where I usually was having my lunch. Everything was fine, food was good, very calm. In the end I noticed a girl looking on me time up to time. She was working in a small watch store just at the entrance of the canteen and was hanging out with the canteen staff. At first I thought "Oh, she is a nice girl". But that's it, nothing more. I forgot about her. But after a few weeks, I went for lunch with my colleagues, to have lunch and boom, I noticed her eyes were on me again. And then it happened. There was a spark in me, that started to make me think about here often. So I started to eat there every day, dragging my colleagues for lunch and my friends for dinner. Since it was naive to just stare on her and do nothing, I decided to talk to her. Unlucky for me, she was so shy girl, that even talking to here became a challenge for me.I tried to talk to her a few times, she was silence as a statue, but a beautiful statue.

It was already two months, since I was trying. My colleagues and friends were joking about it, because I was talking about her all the time. One day I talked to one of the waiters of the canteen and asked him about her. I found that she is single, her name is Nelly and most probably she is one or two years younger than me. After that I got an idea. But a bit expensive idea. I went to the watch store and asked her about watches, discussed with her a bit, talked to her and bought one.

I had to do one more move, and I got another idea. I went to the flower store, picked 3 really gorgeous flowers and ordered them to deliver to her, with a small not with my name. Next day I had a situation. I started to have appendix spasms and doctor told me that I need and operation. That was a disaster for my plans. But it was necessary thing to do. I had an operation and was back after two weeks. immediately I went to the canteen to see Nelly. When I entered, she was sitting with her two girlfriends. I approached and asked her "Did you like the flowers?". Big surprise, she didn't even talked, but here friends did. "Oh, they were so nice, so it was you, nice to meet you. So you are David." I answered yes, "I am David. I am glad that you liked the flowers. I hope to talk to you again." And I left, it was a small victory.

New year was coming, and according to our traditions, we give gifts for the New year, not for Christmas, since Christmas is coming after. I prepared a nice, but not so unique gift. I bought a perfume, 4 boxes so I can put them into each other and 4 cards. Biggest box contained the next biggest in size, and a card saying something nice. That box contained the third box with a bit more love focused card. Third one contained the smallest and another card, where I was almost saying that I love you. And guess what, forth one contained the perfume and the last card "I love you". I went to her on 29th of December, the last working day. Of course, being so shy, she didn't want to accept it, but I am often very stubborn. She didn't stand a chance to reject. But she asked me not to do such things again, in what I answered "at least not till February, since I am travelling to other country for work."

So, about six month of trying, and I know only her name, and made it clear that I like her, not because I suck, but because she was orthodox, shy girl. No phone number, no address, no surname.

Part 2. I lost what I admired the most.

After I returned from my business trip, I discovered the worst that could happen. The canteen together with the watch store was closed forever. That was a disaster for me. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I even pulled some connections in the government to search in the databases of people. The result was nothing, since I knew only her name. Nelly was in my mind all the time. I couldn't forget her.

And the miracle happened. One day one of my colleagues, very good friend of mine, told me, that on the way to home, he saw Nelly, getting off the buss. Next day (it was cold February evening) me, him and two other guys went to ask people about her from the people living close to that buss stop. It was very desperate and naive thing to do, but it was for my own sake. For three hours we were asking people about a girl, called Nelly. It was already late and dark. Having no luck, we started to drive back to home, when my friend asked me "David, isn't that girl Nelly?" pointing to two girls walking from far towards us. First I answered no, then when we got closer I saw her beautiful face again. I couldn't believe to my eyes. I immediately talked to her. I asked her for her number, so I can keep contact with her, but she rejected. I Went home, a bit happy and a bit sad. Next day was Saturday. In the morning my other colleague (Arthur) called me and told me that he know that I found her, and that she rejected me and to not go there anymore. I was very surprised, since about that only me and three other guys knew. He told me "If you want to see her again, come to my place tomorrow at 11:00 AM, we will talk, I will explain everything, at 12:00 we will cross the street and you will see Nelly". I was very surprised and lost. Next day I went to his place, as we agreed and he told me what happened. Nelly talked to her friend Susan, who was former classmate with Arthur. Susan was working in the store in front of Arthur's place, where Nelly was going to have job interview that day at 12:00. The day before Nelly told Susan that I found her, and that she was surprised to see me and she rejected me without thinking. Susan told this to Arthur and they both decided to create a chance for me to talk with her.

At 12:00 we crossed the street, enter to the store and saw Nelly and Susan. I waited until Nelly will be out from the interview and asked her to have a coffee with me in the cafe next to the store. She agreed. We talked for about 30 minutes. Actually we didn't talk, only I talked, she was only answering yes or no. I learned about her, she learned about me and we exchanged with phone numbers. So finally after six months, I got her phone number. That's funny how long it took. Never the less, now I could call and text her everyday. Many times I tried to ask her out, but she was always rejecting, finding new reasons every time. In my country we say that she was rising her value. Since chatting with people in skype or facebook is much easier, I thought that it will be a good idea to do it. Having a sarcastic and unusual humor, I sent her a text message. "I tried to call you, but you didn't answer. I want to ask very personal and private question." After this text message, she never answered to my messages or calls. Being in the country, where people are too conservative, where having sex before the marriage is a shame and she thought that I want to have sex with her, when I just wanted to ask her skype and facebook.

So, in the end, I lost what I admired the most.
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Jan 17, 2013