I Waited

I met a guy 5 years older than me. It was love at first sight, it was hard to believe I was only nine and in love so soon. I saw him for the first time on the football feild with my brother. I was waiting for my brother to get off practice so I could go home. He took his halmet off and BAM! I WAS IN LOVE... so I waited for him to notice me, then waited for him to love me. Than my best friend got us drunk and I asked him out and YES! We were together for 4 months and he proposed than at a year and he left me because my sister threatened to kill him if he broke my heart. Then I waited for him to come to his sences and we got back together. He propsed again after two months. Together at eight months he cheated I left him and eventually came back to him. Then we got back together and. two months before the wedding he told me he didn't love me. A month later he left the state. Now a year later finally he waits for me.
gabesgirl101 gabesgirl101
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013