All Out

is it possible to have cried so much, that even tho u still feel like it and want to you just cant?
BrokenTwiceIn1Yr BrokenTwiceIn1Yr
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Yes it is. I'm a very emotional man. Yes ladies, we exist but we try to hide it because the world gives us crap for being in touch with our feelings. My recent loss has been so deep and profound that I have cried and wept until I'm sick to my stomach. There are times I feel like I'm crying but nothing is coming out because I'm so empty. It would have been far more merciful of A's husband to kill me than to ban me from her life. I'm so lost and lonely without her in my life.

Yes. Its as if blocked somewhere. You cried so much that finally your body itself knows it isn't worth the trouble...