Innocent Hearts

His affection for her is of the highest calibre
His honesty for her is too honest not to overwhelm his own self
She made him feel his feelings for her
She taught him to feel how it feels to be loved back
He did every little thing to see a smile on her face
She responded back each time with tears of overwhelming joy
He tried to make their time timeless
She reminded him of the same from time to time
Innocent and pure and unpredictable the y  were 
Even more so are their feelings 
Their  late night talks made them know one another
Emotional protection is what it prized them with
He wonders if there was any word made to describe the intensity of their feelings
Oh u cried n cried everytime  life took me away from you
They continued to defy the odds with no conscious commitment though
until one day he failed to count the pieces  resulting due to a sudden blow to his heart
The blow was so strong that it tore him apart
Even his pieces didn remember their once used to be centre..
He suffered and suffered until he became a stone
He is livin his life stayin in a grave well made before he would be unknown….

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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

It'll pass. This is coming from someone who had experienced this more than once. Sure, you won't find the same person like the one you met, but that means nothing, once you realize the world is full of different people, and that you'll find someone much closer to your heart some day.