My Boyfriend And My So Called Friend

So we just had this basketball game at my school. I went to cheer on my boyfriend cause well he is my boyfriend. My friend is a cheerleader. So the game ended and the 8th grade game started up. So me my boyfriend the 7th grade basketball players and cheerleaders went up into the bleachers. We hung out for a bit then I had to leave in the middle of the 8th grade game...... So the next day goes good until my best friend told me that my other
friend was flirting with my boyfriend, laying all over him,and kept touching his butt . So of corse I got mad who wouldn't. So I told everyone what I heard at my lunch table. So they called my boyfriend over who sits at the table next to me. I couldn't even look at him because he let it happen. So my lunch table buddies asked him how was the game you know what did you do. Until this girl at my table said " I saw u and what's her name at the game yesterday and I know what you two were doing". Then he tried to lie about it right next to me and the same girl who asked him how was the game caught him in that lie cause she saw the whole thing too. I wanted to cry. We have been dating for almost 6 months. Then the girl who kept touching his butt and stuff acted like nothing happend and like my best friend. Girl boo. So during 7th period she asked me if I was mad and I yelled at her so loud the whole class heard. Like why wouldn't I be mad. So my teacher later starts talking about this class book we are reading. She is talking about love. How ironic right. I was just sitting there laughing loud enough so that my boyfriend who is also in my class could hear me. So when the bell rang I walked up to my so called friends boyfriend who is in my class and told him the story. She got dumped. But when I got home my boyfriend kept saying he is sorry and it wasn't his fault and it won't happen again. This is the second time something like this happend. So my reading all the messages just broke my heart even more. Should I forgive him or let him go ?
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

High-school relationships tend to be like that. It's kind of funny that in the first month - I love you so much!, second month - we are forever!, and third month - single. Churn out all the happiness you want, but don't forget that one day this'll soon end.