Broken Heart

I still love him. Its been 2 years now without any contact. I remember everything we did. He was my first love. It feels like i never will be able to love another person. Almost a whole year after we went to our different schools,every night i laid in my bed shaking and crying myself to sleep. After a while i didnt cry as rough every night. But i still cry,every night.And every day my eyes are swollen and red. I blame it on too little sleep. We have eachothers phone numbers but he stopped answering after a while and i gave up. I dont want to bother him if he doesnt feel the same. But it hurts. Not only mental,i sometimes feel very weak when something reminds me of him. When my mum mention something about him(she know we were friends) i have a hard time standing up. Will this last forever? Will my first love be my death..
HelloKitty000 HelloKitty000
13-15, F
Jan 21, 2013