He Said He's Done With Me And He Doesn't Wanna Talk To Me Anymore

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months now, It's not a long time but I fell in love with him he is so kind and honest, he never hurt me with anything except that he's always not answering his phone, I keep calling but he doesn't answer even if I call more than once. and he doesn't call me back right away he calls after several hours or may be next day or the day after.

He didn't talk to me for a whole week because he wasn't in the mood.

I feel like I need him I found everything I ever wanted in him.

He said I call you once a day and it's not enough for you. and that I'm always worried or in a rush to call him.

I just feel so down that I trusted him with my feelings and he is not worth it and I keep crying not because I want him but I'm not happy with myself .
Sarahxx91 Sarahxx91
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

dont ever be unhappy with yourself kuz just like you got him you can get someone else. Do like me when a girl likes me I be her friend just to see if we are matched for a relationship. Thats the best thing to do so u wouldnt get hurt.

same with my ex boyfriend. he was not answering my calls too and then told me that he needed some space. Please move on. I think its not worth it. I am in the same situation right now and Im fighting to heal and love myself more. That type of person did not really see your true worth. Cry it out for maybe a night and then love yourself more. Im following this.. http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Galleries/31-Days-of-Self-Love.aspx?b=1&p=1# .. please do check this out.. Hoping that we will be fine eventually.. =)