Love :(

well how to start this hmm well first i fell in love with this chick she loved me and everyday i would see her we couldn't talk on facebook cause she had to get rid of it for somereason so i saw her everyday then it was her birthday and her day was not going so good so i went up and i asked her out she was so happy she said yes i was happy to we were so happy we talked everynight saying how much we love each other saying that nothing can break us apart and that we are going to be forever then she got facebook back which means we could talk more :) :( but then we started fighting hating each other but i still loved her and i tryed my best to fix it but it was not working she start flirting with other guys and **** i didnt know what to do saw i thought the fighting would stop if we broke up so we did but it didnt its kept going and i still loved her but she didnt love me i think then she got a new bf and he hated me and want to smash me i had no idea why so i was waiting for him to try and hit me so i could smash him but he never came later on i found out they broke up and i needed to know why so i asked one of my mate that were friends with him and he said she kept in flirting with other guys :/ then she started to be nice to me and i thought this could be it we could get back together but we didnt for some reason she just started to hate me and i didnt know why :( then she started sending pic to guys nudes and then she sent one to me i went off at her for it cause she shouldn't be doing that making herself look like a **** so i stopped talking to her.As day by day go on i still think about **** WHY DO I STILL LOVE HER . :( yeah well i guess thats it
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Jan 22, 2013