i had a boyfriend for 3 years and a couple of months, later i found out he was cheating on me. I tried to fix the situation but it didnt work out, he chose the other girl. Months passed we met again because i was so close with his family they often invite me to some family gatherings. When i saw him at that time he signaled me to call him. As soon as i arrived home i called him. i asked him where he is and why he let me call him. to my surprise he was outside our house so i went out and met him. he then suddenly hugged me and said sorry. He asked me if i could meet him the following day and i said yes. so there we talked and he said i regret all the things that he did. I cried and told him "why do you have to do this, im almost over you and suddenly youre coming to me with all this" he asked me if i could still accept him and i said yes, he said he will find for the perfect moment to breakup with his current girlfriend. Am i being stupid to accept him back? Part of me wants to move on, part of me wants to stay. :(
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once you get burnt,,you know enough not to stick your hand in the fire again,,,,