I Choose Me

Tell me have u ever love someone so much that it make you wanna cry.tell me have.u ever love someone that no matter wat they did u needed them by your side hm i thought i was loosing my mind steady thinking bout u all the time im telling u not anymore it someone else i started loving an her name is me an she loves me more than youall ever know.i finally see loving you an loving me just dont seem to work at all so patiently shes waiting on me to tell u that she needs love an to choose between u 2 i choose me.shes been with me for some years.she also told me to tell u to never hurt me again an if u haven't heard shes a bad chick.im leaving so dont try to stop me.im late an shes still waiting .my love for me is to much so i cant stay. Cuz shes actually forming a 3 some an im happy that i can join them their names are me,myself and i.^.^. I gata.......choose between u 2 so im going with me. I love u me. ^.^
darkangel18 darkangel18
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

hi...great stories...good experiences...pls add me..thanks