Everything Appeared To Be Going Well Today...

Hi guys, its me again. Like the title says, " everything appeared to be going well today... until tonight. As you know, She's asked me to separate and I am still living here... I went to the Dr's 2 weeks ago thursday and she put me on Welbutrin to help get through all this stuff. Anyway; she had Physical Therapy today for her knee. When she came home she asked me if I was hungry and I said yes. She then said she wanted a burger at this place nearby that I had taken her out to last week that she really loved. I had assumed that she meant to go alone and then she asked me if I was ready to go after she changed. I was happy that she wanted to spend time with me. I have really been trying to give her space and time while I work on trying to get stronger and fix my crap so she can fix her crap then we can fix our crap?
We spent a good day together at least I thought so. After dinner, she received a call from her brother regarding their father who is also sick and was told he didn't sound good this morning. She asked me into the bedroom and was sharing her thoughts and feelings about her dad and what she should do and such. I Listened and only answered direct questions and didn't give her advice, interupt or give my opinion. She seemed really happy with that. Later in the conversation, she brought up her upcoming Dr's appointments that I had thought she wanted me to go to. She has one with her Ortho for her knee and one with the GYN oncologist (lady cancer) I said that I would make sure I got the day off work to take her as thats what I had thought she wanted me to do. She said that she didn't need me to go and turned cold. I became quiet, she tends to see this as me sulking or upset. Usually when she asks whats wrong, I answer "nothing" which she knows is bull but I try to avoid fights or arguements which infuriates her. When she asked me what was wrong, I told her I was confused and that I had thought she had wanted/needed me to go with her to the Cancer Dr appointment. She said that I looked like a scorned child. Why does she think she can talk to me like that when I would never say something as hurtful as that to her especially when you know that person is hurting. She then proceeds to tell me that she is going to go visit her dad; who lives in another state for the kids upcoming school vacation to clear her head out and make sure he's ok. I was floored. I think she is going just to get away from me and her dad has never met or talked to me ( they were estranged for most of our marriage) I think she told him I am jerk and she wants me out of her life. Being a father, he probably told her that she is better off without me and that she should get rid of me the way he got rid of her mom. That he was much happier with out her and found his true love... I think thats what my wife is looking for ... a life without me.
fuzzyneedshelp fuzzyneedshelp
41-45, M
Jan 22, 2013