I Thought Itd Last Forever

Im matt I have been through a lot n im pretty much an emotional wreck. I didnt date for four years because I dont think its worth it. This wounderful girl came into my life and everything was perfect. She made me believe we would be together forever I never cheated or did anything behind her back. I was ready to propose when she left me. I havent cut in a couple years and now I cant stop, its been almost two weeks and I cannot let go. Its obvious shes not coming back, and she wont even talk to me. Im losing my mind and pretty much getting drunk or high every night and cutting my arm to shreds. Im so lost alone and hurtband have nowhere to turn im ready to just roll over and die. Nothing anyone says helps and I cant get her outta my head for even 5 minutes while she seems to be perfectly happy to move on. Im so hurt and broken I just dont know what todo anymore she really was the one for me but guess she thought otherwise. Im bipolar depressed emotionally disturbed and just lost the one person who held me together. Ive been screaming for help but no one seems to notice or care. Guess im doomed to be a misrable wreck the rest of my life.
imacutter420 imacutter420
22-25, M
Jan 28, 2013