Wonder What They Are Doing Now? My Fantasy

Ok, so its been about 25 days now since my He Tox program. No commmunicating, begging , texting or pleading to him to take me back. I'm proud of myself. Now if I can get through this next month, I will be ok. I was deeply in love with this person and was completely thrown off by the breakup. I honestly feel in my heart there may have been someone else lurking in the background, a past girlfreind perhaps, but I will never know.

Oh to be a fly on the wall and see what truly happened. Isn't it frustrating when they talk around the whole, "its not you, its me, I'm screwed up" thing? I did tell him he was selfish toward the end of our relationship, not monetarily, but emotionally.

Don't you wish that the one that dumped you came begging back to you, just so you could look them in the eye and say, "not if you were the last person on earth would I want to be with you now, you pond scum!" lol..that is my fantasy
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Thanks to this site, it has been really helpful, especially knowing people are going through the exact same thing. So far I'm doing ok, I do have my moments. Its hard when I have a lot of time on my hands and I don't seem that busy. Its been hard this weekend because of the huge snow storm we had here in the East so I was home from Friday on and I finally went out today to the movies with my girlfriend. Its such a slow darn process, you know? This weekend I felt especially weepy. I guess cause stupid Valentine's day is this week. Ugh

yes i have that fantasy too.. i guess its pretty normal for us who have been dumped by unclear reasons. but im glad to hear that you are healing. i am also with the help of my faith and my friends in this site. keep us posted.

Best wishes for your healing. I have been healing for months now and have found my friends on here to be a wonderfull help

I am in the process of he-toxification at the moment...I met a guy online and fell in love with him... We texted almost every minute of the day and recently, i just felt he was becoming cold...I will deactivate my mobile phone service, my messenger and email accounts for at least 2 weeks so that i can "delete" this stupid feeling that i have for him....and after that, id be back to normal, i hope.... It will be difficult but hey... :)

Ha ha he he....you make me laugh...yes, geez this fantasy is one I've had too many times...must stop and change direction.....when trust is lost it all goes down the drain. I find myself saying to myself,"why did ya have to go and do that? Now I can't ever go back to you...they just aren't in the running anymore....to bad for them.....next? I'll have to check out this book you're reading...can't ever have too much positive thoughts on the subject of this nature..thanks!

(((HUGS))) To everyone here. I have to say being on this forum has helped me so much. I even keep my own personal diary on my phone so I can write whenever I want when I am not home. The He Tox is from the book, "It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken." THE BEST book on this planet. I read it and re read it all the time. It came in handy during my divorce. But anyway, staying away and not contacting even any of his family members has been so hard on me. Time heals the wounds I guess. I think my next fantasy is wishing I had a time machine...

A time machine would be great! But I'd choose to move to the future so I can be over this :-(

I'm on day 9 of my He-tox (I really like that :-) ) and I swear it's getting harder. Our situations are identical except his excuse "we're moving too fast" and I had the misfortune of confirming that someone else is in the picture. The other commenters are right, it hurts even worse to know. I'm going to continue to follow you because hearing your progress gives me hope. Thank you for being so brave and sharing.

Good job!!! Dont give in to old habits and I wish your dream come true...Go girl...!!!

I pray you get your fantasy! :P

You can do it. You've made it so far already! and what a great job you've done by staying your course and being true to yourself. I have been that fly on the wall, I work in computers and had everything "locked down" in my house. Knowing what or who they're doing only hurts more. The best thing you can do is focus on you and becoming the best you, ever. Success is the best revenge....and if that chance encounter ever does happen, you will meet it head-on with a great big smile on your face and surrounded by happiness and success....and won't that be a fabulous day :) Chin up.