Mixed Signals! I'M So Confused :S

please read and comment your thoughts :) this story is kinda long but I need as much advice as possible! so Im 17, and i have a best friend named Andy. she has a younger brother called George who is 18 (one year older than myself) and I've always thought he was cute. I never really had a 'crush' per say, on him, I always just thought he was a really great guy as we get along really well! And the other night I stayed over at my best friends house for the first time (her mum is strict) and george was flirting with me a little. i didnt think much of it because i always thought that a) he would never like me back and b) he was just mucking around. Anyways, every time George would tickle me or play fight with me Andy would get super defensive of me, telling him to stop touching me and to leave me alone (jokingly but at the same time serious) George took this as any brother would and touched me more, hugging me around the waist and putting his arms around me, complemeting me giving me massages, playing around to **** off his sister. we sit down to eat with their mum and other brother and the same thing happens, he starts getting Andy's attention saying 'look I'm touching her' or 'hey andy what happens when I do this?' and putting his hand on my knee, shuffling closer and putting his arm around me (and keeping it there for the remainder of the meal even when andy stopped caring about us being all cuddly and everyone was just talking and eating) and at one stage his hand was resting on my waist, the other hand on my knee, and we were siting for a good twenty minutes, and nobody was looking or caring, he wasn't getting anybody's attention, just sitting comfortably. instantly I start to think- could he possibly like me? the whole time I thought he was just mucking around, and I was playing along too wing all cute with him, but I started questioning it. he then helped do the dishes and put them away and then brought in the washing to make his bed. when we came back from shopping he helped bring in the bags. when we played cards he was nice to everyone, not being loud or rude, and actually having a laugh and having fun with the family And I. later that night his mum and andy told me that he is never like this, helping out and being nice, and he never EVER volunteers to make his bed, only when I'm around he is anything like this, and they both were convinced he was trying to impress me. his mum likes me a lot and thinks we would be good together, she wants us to get together so bad it's cute as! anyways I was in the kitchen alone and he came in and pressed his face against mine, being the weirdo he is. we were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, eye to eye, for like a minute, and then he kissed me on the nose, smiled and walked away. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. then he says, that was awkward. and I ask why? and he tells me he was turned on by it. I giggled and told him some smart *** line I don't remember but we laughed it of and whatever. the next day my mate slyly asked him if he liked me, he said he'd 'go there' but he didn't like me, but he blushed as soon as my name was mentioned. in the supermarket he grabbed my but and my boob because andy did it first and said george didnt have the guts, but he did lol and he also pecked me on the lips because andy did it and again dared him he didnt have the guts. all night he kept asking me if i was okay when i hurt my finger and my hand was sore, and offering me drinks/food, massaged my head and kept making jokes about sex (i wasnt offended or anything) and the while family joked along with him and they all kept referring to me as his 'wife' and he called me 'wifey' all night and to his friends, obviously joking. The next day he showed me less attention, i dont know if he was embarrassed because his family all thought he liked me and made jokes about us getting married, or he was just tired from being up all night. All this happend three days ago and ever since i cant get him out of my head! i like him a lot and even just the thought of our little 'romance' makes me smile so big! i was knda convinced he liked me too until last night my other friend David who I told about the whole thing accidentally and who is friends with George, asked george, without warning me, because he is a big mouth, if he liked me and he said no and that he likes some girl from his tafe. David sId it to me in front of all my friends and so casually 'no he doesnt like you' knowing i liked him so mich and i was getting my hopes up. i was humilliated! i don't know what David said to George and im worried he straight out told george how i liked him, but I'm so embarrassed already! he's gonna think I'm a basket case or something ?! and who knows if he was even tellling the truth, for all i know george could actually like me and he was just covering it up?! I'm seeing George in two days when I go to see andy and I don't know what to do!! should I just play it cool & forget about him all together or flirt and keep him interested? and make a complete **** out of myself. I'm so confused I need some advice what do people think? does it sound like he likes me or am I just being a typical girl?? if anyone actually read this essay your advice wven thoughts would be much appreciated! :) :)
hopelessinlove22 hopelessinlove22
18-21, F
Feb 5, 2013