Still Brokenhearted

I'm nervous about posting this story because I don't want people to think I'm a negative/sad person. I was happy once. Before him I was incredibly happy; I have a job that I'm excited about, my family is doing well and all I wanted was someone to share my happiness with. He wasn't filling a void so why is there a void now that he's gone? It's going on 3 weeks and it seems like it's getting harder. I'm angry and frustrated all the time. I just need some relief... this is too long to be feeling this way.
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Aww....everyone has their own timetable when it comes to grieving. In your own time you will get over this. To be blindsided like you were can shake you to your core. Hang in there....before you know it, you will turn that corner and feel joy & happiness again (hug)

Thanks, I'm trying :-)

It gets harder before it gets better.
I was with a man that didn't meet my needs..I left..and felt a terrible loss..but why? The whole time spent with him was lonely
Im at day 5 without him..I think I just miss the "good morning" text...the call in the middle of the day...the going to lunch or meeting for a movie...the love we once shared and his amazing smile...I try not to think of him moving on and smiling that smile for somebody else.
My heart will mend...they always some point I wont think about him every second of the day...
We will survive

For me that's the hardest part. I know he's with someone else and he's giving her all the things I miss. The sad thing is nothing went wrong between us (at least from my point of view) and it rocks me to my core that I could have such a connection with someone and they could throw it away so easily.

I feel the same way

That s exactly what I went through about 8 months ago. I am truly sorry.

I am so ready for this love I have for him to end quick

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hi there some times peoplr change and yes the person should tell you whots going on?i dont know the full story but there is always some one else out there for you,its a bit like shopping you try before you buy as it were,and sometimes patience has its own way of helping you if it was meant to be then yes and if it was not meant to be then just keep looking you know the old saying one door closes another door opens?good luck,bye.

Thank you. I hope I will find love again.