Fighting Alone

i have been in the usa fighting for custody of my son for the past 14 months. my husband is in mexico, his calls have become more infrequent, and when i log onto facebook, his dad logs off. i love my husband, all i want is to be with him, and he says he still loves me. i know why he cant call and be with me, but i still resent him for not being here for me. if i could live there with him i would, but i'm a mom first. if i could get a custody arangment to where i come up for the summer and easter and thanksgiving holidays, i would, but i dont want to be plaged with guilt for chosing my husband over my son. my son is 4, my husband cannot enter the country for some time, and the company he works for makes communication limited at best. i get to talk to him an average of one 10 minute phone call a month. advice?
An Ep User An EP User
Feb 8, 2013