Will This Kill Me?

"The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart."

I broke up with my boyfriend 4months ago(It still feels like yesterday). I never thought things will be so hard on me. The day he left me.. I could feel a pain in my chest which is still there. My friends could not really understand what I was going through, they still don't. I talk about him all day. We were happy together(or so i thought), it was a perfect relationship, we even had sex. I was happy with him.
But one day he called up and said he wants to talk about something really important- We broke up that day. after a few days I got to know he was cheating on me. He proposed my bestfriend. I was shattered hearing that. THEY ARE HAPPY TOGETHER.
He was never worth it..still it hurts. Hurts like HELL. I've lost interest in everything. Im broken
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even realize it was coming. I'm very depressed that my 20 month relationship crashed and burned. That is what happened with me. It really sucks!

Yes It really suck! especially when that person meant the world to you... I think time can heal anything. High hopes !!

I may be able to get back together with my girlfriend in a few months because her reason for breaking up with me was she was working so hard with her school & homework she couldnt find enough time to be with me. So I hope I can get her back over summer break!
Good luck with your broken heart ;)

Good Luck :)

Thanks, you to;)

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Just be strong and save ur best frnd from him....ur best frnd dsnt knw abt him bt u do...ddont let him win..

I did try to tell her everything, I told her to never test the tested but it seems that she knows it already. Thankyou for your help.. I really appreciate it

Hmm.then perhaps u hv chosen wrong people in ur life..ur best frnd dsnt trust u..

ps. You are already aware that he wasn't worth it. Also, they SEEM happy. They have to be being seen to be happy given what they have put you through. They want people to think it was the right decision..to justify their own behaviour. Once someone has cheated for you, the next phase is they cheat on you. Your best friend will have in the back of her mind always that this man is capable of cheating and prepared to do it. That is huge pressure she will have to deal with. Sometimes the battle of winning someone's man is far easier than the battle to keep him. Look after yourself. xxx

When he will cheat on my bestfriend.. I'll make sure Im there for her. I know what it feels like.
You are right they are trying TOO hard to be happy !!

It won't kill you. You will actually learn from this and cheesy as it sounds, become a stronger person as you will find out what you are capable of coping with. There is a period of time after a traumatic split where you feel like you are dying. It is usually 4-5 months. Suddenly, then the waking day is not filled with the same deep dark depression as it was. There are some things you need to recognise. You would normally have turned to your best friend in situations like this but actually for obvious reasons you can't this time so you are actually mourning two situations. the loss of your boyfriend and best friend. So don't be hard on yourself and allow yourself to grieve. The are physical things that WILL make you feel better about yourself and more in control. These do actually work and I am speaking from experience.
1. sleep sleep sleep. Go to bed at 8pm every night and sleep for 10-12 hours. It is amazing how much better you cope when you are not exhausted.
2. Don't drink any alcohol for the time being... it is a depressant and will make you feel worse.
3. Try to eat small meals 2 or 3 times a day. I know you won't want to but your body needs it.
4. Pamper yourself... nice bath, buy some clothes and some perfume. spoil yourself for a bit. It doesn't need to be expensive.
5. switch your phone OFF at bedtime so you are not lying awake waiting for one of them to call.
6. Take every offer from friends to socialise.
7. Take one day at a time and realise you are almost through the pain barrier. One day you will wake and it will be better.

Just remember... he will probably cheat on your best friend one day. Keep your dignity and hold your head high. The cheating is their problem not yours.

Keep in touch. Lots of love

Thank you soo much. I will definitely be following all of the above. I've signed up for new things, im getting better in my lanuage class now, I keep myself busy these days. it helps me not to think about all that.