My Crush Crushed My Heart

I sent my girlfriend a valentines day card with my gmail address in it and she emailed me "hi". In the last four days she and I have sent over 55 emails back and forth! Then today she asked me "how much do you know about me?" so I answered "I don't know that much about you yet that is why I've been emailing you so much". Then her next email read "I'm sorry but I don't think this will work any more we have known eachother for almost a year and I know so little about you I can't do this any more. Sorry:)" she did it so suddenly I didn't even realize it was coming. I'm very depressed that my 20 month relationship crashed and burned.
miiyeti miiyeti 16-17, M 2 Responses Feb 19, 2013

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That sounds really rude of her. "We don't know each other much"? That's no reason to blow someone off. I think she has some other reason for it... Still, that sounds harsh, man. :/ I hope you can meet someone better.

Thanks I think I have! She (reappearance) is the nicest girl I've ever met and I've fallen in love with her but I don't know how to tell her yet;)

Wonderful! ^_^ Do you think she likes you?

I think so but I'm not sure yet.

sorry to hear this mate if you ever need anyone to talk to then message me and i will try my best to help ya xx

Thanks I've gotten over her and my cutting habit I do need a friend though thanks;)

im always here for ya and im glad xx


welcome just message me if you ever have a problem or just want to talk xx

Cool ok!

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