One Door Closes

Same **** different day, i thought he was Mister right was i mistaken! I now know this guy does the very same routine on all women.It starts out with suttle abuses, once he's got you look out. The very day we moved in together he turned into Linda Blaire {The Exorcist} Abuse at every level ,i lost myself for awhile in severe depression then i got pissed . I will never understand why people get off causing fear in another or total domination! Life is to cherished,embrace every day i know i am no one shall ever bring me to this point again!! I feel sorry for the other women he will encounter, but am very grateful it's not me.
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It is so hard to leave and recovering is a major battle , i am happy to hear you made it out . Hugs

I just escaped an abusive husband. Sometimes I was so depressed I sobbed for hours under a tree in the park. I would pray to be hit by a car on the way home on my bicycle. The marriage and leaving him has done me a lot of financial damage, from which I hope I can recover, but I just have to remind myself that it was worse when I just wanted to die.

There is don't give up! :)

Isn't there such a thing as a good healthy relationship any more?<br />
<br />
I've never had one.

I will .

I am so glad that you are strong. Pissed is good!!! At least you didn't sit back in a depressive state to afraid to get out of it. Here's to you and all the people who stand up and say go ****yourself. I can stand on my own or I can even bring my own self down without the help of you!!! Congratulations----

I just want him to stay gone, if asked i would tell otherwise he is just evil,i don't want to be his target.

Good for you abusers suck!!! but id totally advise against telling whoeverhe's with(she would'nt belive you!!!) (my ex is an abuser@ his new wife does'nt belive hes an abuser she's married to him and come from america) (im sill the ***** who lie's!!!)