My Heart Is Into Pieces

A yr and 2 months ended on valentines day. I love him so much but lately i have been feeling like he doesnt care. Just by his action note that this is not the first time we have broken up all of our break ups are usually major things. But we have got this major thing in our heads that we are going to be together forever. Sounds naive but that is what we want. However he shows it and times he dont. Now that i have said its over i feel incomplete not lost but like something is missing. he is everything to me and im attached to him sad to say. he says we will get  back together he just needs time. yesterday wen we broke up i had called him and was like can i c u tonite nd he was like no. i dont knw y i did it i just wanted to knw wat he was thinkn so anyways make a long story short he let me see him and next thing i know we are in his bed having sex in the middle of having sex i start crying because i am so confused and sad. He tells me he is gonna *** bac he just needs some time.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

This is not what you want. This is really not what you want. Ok, who am I to tell you what you want? Because I've been through the same. Every situation is different, but you know what the problem is (considering the multiple break ups and back togethers)? <br />
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YOU CANNOT LET GO!! The relationship is not going to work. Why I know this? Because if it does, you would not be breaking up over and over again! Sorry for being so hard, but this is what I have to hear from my friends every day to realise what's going on. You have that beautiful picture that this is going to last forever and you will always have each other, and no one else will fullfil his place. But are you that happy when you are together..? If you do, then why break up?<br />
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So what I wanted to say is that you both have a weak spot for each other and therefore keep on coming back together. That's the reason why you cannot let go. But you should.. because the heart breaks will eventually make you unhappy for a very long time, do you really want that? Maybe you will miss out a very loving and problemfree relationship..