Why did you break my heart? What did I do to you? I haven't done anything bad to you, haven't said a single bad word to you. Why are you so harsh on me? You don't have to love me, but why would you torture someone who truly cares for you? WHY? These are the questions I ask myself every single day. I am literally going crazy. So many questions, but no answers at all.

You know what, I love you so much. I am not even kidding, I would do anything for you. But hey, let's be real not everyone will love you with their heart and soul. So you better handled it carefully.

After months of torture, I am starting to feel better. But still it hurts like hell when I listen to "our" song, when I pass by your home, by the restaurant we used to eat, when I see the place where we first kissed, where you hold my again for the first time. We were perfect for each other. You know that the chemistry between us was crazy. Admit this, you still love me. Because it is something that can't just disappear so abruptly for no reason.

I still hold onto hope. And everytime my phone rings, my heart races with expect that it is you.

I always considered myself as a "tough" girl and I used to laugh at people weeping because of love. But now I feel how it feels to be in a situation like this. When you keep someone so deep in your heart, you are exposing yourself to harm and you are being so vulnerable in front of them.

Maybe I am crazy, but I am grateful for you to made me feel pain-it means I am alive.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Beautiful but sad story. I am sorry for your pain but I also see that you are strong and therefor will get through this. Just keep your hope and everything will be OK.

thanks :)

You remind me of a younger me and guess what here I am at 52 years old still feeling the same as you!!! Love has no age limits and cuts each of us, young and old to the core. I miss my ex today so bad it hurts! Trying to be productive but in this rainy Saturday morning I just want to lay next to him in his arms!

I feel you :(