I met a man, a wonderful man, using an online dating site. We were together for 5 months. I loved him. And I thought he loved me. We vacationed, met families, talked every day, talked about our hopes and dreams, and I was so happy. I was so happy that I didn't see it coming. When he came to my home the other night I was excited and happy to see him. He let me kiss him as he came in the door. . . And then the kick to the chest happened. He thinks I'm great but doesn't see his feelings evolving to love. He says there is no one else, he just isn't excited about us or me anymore and doesn't want to drag it put hoping it changes.

How could he make love to me multiple times earlier that week? How could he let me kiss him as he walked through the door to break my heart? How could he let me parade is around my friends just days before as being so happy? I'm humiliated, heartbroken, and unsure how to show my face anywhere. I sob randomly and uncontrollably (and I am the ugliest of cryers), seeing a couple on tv will trigger the pain, I'm not hungry, I'm not motivated, I am alone. I only have been drinking water because the pain of the dehydration on top of the heartache is more than I can handle.

I never saw myself as turning 30 and being alone. I know in this day and age women aren't getting married that early or anything, but all I have ever wanted was to love someone. To be in love. To be a wife and a mom. Perhaps I want to be or have those things so badly that I'm keeping myself from them. But I thought, I really thought, Dan was the one. I was so happy. I never knew I could be that happy. And now I don't know if I can ever be happy again.
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i am going through the exact same thing right now!!! We meet online and i was with her for 6 months and we talked every day and night and saw each other almost everyday despite our busy schedules. we had just recently meet each others families 2 months ago and her family loves me. We took our first vacation together last month and drove up to redding for a week long road trip and we had the most amazing time. I also just gave her my virginity durning the trip and despite all that i never imagined that anything was wrong. the week we got back from our trip she told me that she cant see us together in the future and that we would be better as just friends!!! she told me that she had felt like this for some time but was hopping that her feelings would change as we dated. I NEVER KNEW!!! i am heart broken!!! i cant stop thinking about her and all the pictures we had taken over the past 6 months. I keep looking at them every night before i go to bed. we txt here and there and i talk to her maybe once in the last two weeks. i keep thinking that maybe she'll begin to miss me and realize how amazing i treated her and come back to me but that is not happening :-( i pray to God to help me let go of her but it seems almost impossible sometimes. I know what you are feeling and i am soooo sorry that you are going through this. I pray that God helps you let go and heals your heart!!!

She needs to leave you alone. For me, being friends isn't an option. It's unfair and selfish. Dan and I weren't virgins but I feel so incredibly violated knowing he wanted out and still had sex with me. What made me feel loved and special now makes me feel disgusting. Last week we were having mimosas and eggs in bed. Today I wake up alone in every respect.

the same here, me and my gf meet online... we've been together in almost 4months... and we are now, maybe, about to break up. It hurts so much but I have to MOVE ON, so do you