I fell for him unexpectedly and that's what made things seem so amazing no matter how bad he treated me. Than he left me, came back to tell me it was a mistake, left me again, came back saying he loved me more than his girlfriend but apparently it was a lie. He just played with my feelings and I almost lost an amazing guy over it. Everyone says you're first love always has a special place in your heart well not with me. You don't deserve anything, I'm giving it all to him like I should of done a long time ago. I have a broken heart because you broke me up but he will put me back together and give me everything you didn't.
baybabes71 baybabes71
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I'm sorry to hear it. I hope you are respected by the new man in your life

Thank you, it's good to see that others do care

There are more of us than you think. Just know that I'm here for u if u need any advice or help.

Just know that if you need anything like advice or maybe someone to talk to I'm here. There are a lot of kind people out there who care, it's just not always easy for them to be found.