One year since it all happened.... One year since ive felt your touch... I
Find myself thinking about you a lot still but it doesnt hurt anymore. I dont wake up with an ache in my chest and a hole in my heart. I dont wake up wondering if you are going to return to me. Ive moved on from that. I may not have dated anyone since you but i know one day i will. And it will be wonderful. And beautiful. And i will be happy. A lot happier then you ever made me feel. I know this is true. But that doesnt stop the dreams about you. Or my mind wondering of you. One day ill look back and smile and wish you well. One day.
kmart52492 kmart52492
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Well said and you're well on your way to getting over things and you're getting ready for the next chapter in your life. Well done and stay strong. Thanks.