Me and my fiance share an Instagram. Some girl started following us and he asked me if I knew who she was. I didn't, so I dug deeper and checked facebook. Turns out he knew who she was. She's friends with his ex girlfriend. An ex girlfriend he left me for afew years ago. As I was looking at her Facebook I found she was also friends with a Facebook that my fiance and his ex made when they were together and I saw tons of pictures of them loving up on eachother. There is a picture of him wearing a promise ring. It just tore me into pieces because he never wants to take pictures with me and he won't wear a ring for me until we are married. It broke my heart to see them so cute together. Its tearing me into pieces to see those pictures. I suspect that the girl who followed us on Instagram is doing it to 'creep' on me and him for the ex. And since I've never seen that Facebook before when searching for my fiance I think his ex reactivated it hoping I'd see it. She is that kind of girl. He keeps trying to deny he wore a ring but it's right there in the picture. He then tried to tell me it wasn't his hand? It is CLEARLY his hand. Why does that stupid Facebook have to exist.
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I am so sorry. :(

I'm so sorry. that would rip my heart at. I've been there

still mind strong heart their is wisdom behind these words.

The first mistake is getting engaged at your age. Easy to fix though. Break it off. All the drama and lies are signs of immaturity.

Both of you should wait until you're 30 or so to marry, as should everyone!