I don't know what to say but It's so broken... Since we broke up, almost everyday, every morning I wake up so so early (not like usual) and when at night trying to sleep, the tears fill my eyes and just flowing down out of control. It hurts so much I just can't believe she treated me that way, she played cheats on me in a long time. I can't believe it, I trusted her with all my life then she treated me that way.
How can people easily change like that? She used to say that She loved me till the end of the world, I was her everything... And after all she treated me like that, I just can't can't believe it... Sometime I told myself I'm just on nightmare but then I have to face the truth that It's real and It's happening... God I'm so down, so miserable, everything was like collapsed into pieces, and I was like breathless...
Love made me blinded, I still love her so much after everything she did to me. Why??? I lost all my self-respect to say please come back to me I'll forgive you everything (She didn't even beg for it)...
And that night, the night she dumped me... she said "I love another guy, not you" and yes I was like couldn't say a thing clearly, I was crying in front of her and I tried to say "Ok.... I'll..... let...... you...... go....., just gooooooooooooo!" I just tried not to cry, not to show her how much I need her but I couldn't control at all... Now maybe she and her new guy are laughing at me about how stupid, weakness I was. Damn it, like a nightmare I will never ever forget that terrible night... Now think about everything, every words she said to me that how much she loved me, those were lies. I can't blame her, I blame myself for trusting a person like her.
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You think her new boyfriend won't do the same to her ? What comes around goes around I know it's hard right now just cry let it all out my bf left me after 3 years he wanted to live his single life I cried for a month straight i almost even considered suicide but then I realized life keeps moving each day is a new day go out with friends meet new people time will heal you I promise

thanks so much for your nice words... I'm moving on now... I have realized I just met a wrong girl, she doesn't deserve my great love