It's not broken, it's pretty much atoms at this point. I think I'm just "think", I AM DONE. There's no happy shrugging and walking into the sunset, there's no making up some stupid *** roundabout reasons to make me feel better, there's definitely no positive quotes and platitudes to build me up. He used me for sex and sympathy, and when he had his fill, he cut the strings and went back to that female cockroach. I am so angry I could combust, but what good would it do? She has him and I don't. I am just another dumb ************ who put herself out there with a heart that had been patched together with less fragments before only to get it smashed apart again. **** this ****.
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

You can find someone better, you're caring and not some freak who uses people like he is. So I know you'll find someone. You're right, **** him. He's not worth it