Supperstitious Love

05-06-07 is the new open page of my life. Never before have i had such a special love. I've put my heart on her day to day until it's overwhelmed. Though she's 6 year younger than me, still she is able to study in the same level to me. The starting date is amazing to me. 05-06-07, beautiful, is'nt it? Our life had gone well in the beginning, till the evil comes. Well, we had a great time as well as bad time together. Anyway, she was my wife, though not married. We're were supposed to be spouse between us. She is so beautiful that word cannot describe. I've always hoped that we would marry one day after finishing the university. She was christian when i started to fall in love with her. I'd heard that she would not marry anyone who is not christian. Therefore, i decided to find a church in order to know God. Actually, i had wanted to seek a church before i fell in love with her because i want to go abroad and learn many things through the church. Fortunately, a very new church was introduced in here. There is only one here nowadays. Amazingly, this was not a typical church as most people know. This church believe in God the Father and God the Mother. I've learnt a lot about the truth in the church. Everything has been changed. No longer had i wanted to go abroad or learn anything. I earnestly worked as a gospel worker. I translated the sermon for my brothers and sisters. Being convinced by the truth, i decided to spread the news of second coming Jesus to my very lover. Of course, she denied at first. But i made an appointment with her to meet at the church so that she could be baptised. So one day she went on the promise bringing her older brother and eldest sister too. Thanks to God, they all got baptised! I was very pleased indeed..... Her faith's started to get stronger and stronger until now. I used to be like her now. During those days, it seemed like i hadn't given enough time for her. I'd often left her behind cos was so busy with the work of God. .... I've changed gradually in that i can give enough care for her. I want to skip the details in the church in this situation. But now she is like me before. Therefore, i know that some day she would go away from me in terms of physical need. I reminded her sometimes. I want to skip the part here again cos my tears are dropping like the rain in rainy season. There is so much i want to say, but i can't. .... Once noting that she doesn't want to have relationship with me any longer, i asked her to tell ,me the truth from her heart whether she wants to go on. For goodness sake, she said ' we're just friends.' i want to tell something in this part, but i can't. My heart is not broken, but it dies.
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Me too i have a problem,I am looking for a strong relationship,can some one help me.

this made no sence