First Love.. Broken Heart...

his name was garrett, he was the only guy i ever trusted and basically he broke my heart.

we dated for about two months and i recently found out he was cheating on me the whole time.......we never had sex, im a virgin, but thats not he point at all. he told me everything i wanted to hear. he told me i was beautiful and perfect and he loved everything about me. told me he could be with me forever and i had no reason not to trust him because he loved me. so one day we were at his house and when i left and kissed me goobye it was just different.....i thought maybe he was just upset about something, apparently he was. the next day he told me i was a stalker and a crazy b*tch and never to talk to him again. it also didnt help that he was my brothers best friend and my brother sided with him telling me to just back off and go away. ive never told anyone that he was only the second guy ive ever kissed and i really did care about him. i let my guard down with him and idk if i'll ever be able to trust anyone again...

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

wat a jakkass.....i hope u do learn 2 trust again cuz if u didnt u wud b giving da bastard wat he wants...u gotta show him dat u r a bettr, strongr, and smartr person now....u gotta go out and kik hiz ***! ok...myabe now exactly like dat but...u get meh

You will trust again. You will just be taking things a little slower and with your eyes wide open. Just take one day at a time. Your time will come and you will not even give that guy a second thought.

you will be able to trust again, i do, it just takes a lot of time. it's something you have to take your time with, and no doubt when the right person comes along the trust will start to come back. just try and have a little faith.